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Anybody Using A Weber Remote Air Cleaner?


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The main advantage for this setup would be to pull cool air from the car's front end rather than hot air from the engine compartment.  And using the pictured setup would mean you'd have to find a place for the filter somewher between the grille and radiator.  You're also creating a sharp right-hand turn for the air's path into the carb, somewhat restrictive.


The factory air cleaner/snorkel pulls in cool outside air as installed, and adapting a stock air cleaner to the Weber is a few minutes work with tinsnips or a Dremel tool.  So you're not gaining anything....IMHO



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Mike, thanks. Sage advice as always. Guess I was groping around for something a little different, instead of the tried and true (maybe a bit too different for different's sake!). 


Had your suggested set-up on a 1970 2002 a few years ago, and yes, it worked beautifully. Sat on top of one of the legendary Dave Cruse's last motors. Rest in peace, Dave... 



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