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A Chance To Be 7Yrs Old & Play With Toy Cars


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I know its off topic and yes I did post it on the San Jose Bay Area section.


I have been trying to get the Bay Area group together for some slot car racing but it's slow going so I will shelf the 02 club race idea for now.


For any 02 owners in the Bay Area, there is a regular monthly race this Saturday night, 10/19, at the track I want to have the 02 club race on, The Shaunadega Raceway. http://shaunadega.com/  The track is South San Jose close to Bernal and 85.


If anyone is interested in a fun night out and a chance to get back to your "toy car" roots please let me know and I will have cars and controllers ready to go racing.  The track opens at 7pm and qualifying starts at 8pm.




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