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Gas Tank


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i have a 72 2002 that i am restoring but i have until this point forgotten about the gas tank, it is still in the car while at the body and paint shop. it is original but has 1/2 tank of gas in it. should i go get and take it out of the car and do something to it? it doesn't leak and doesn't seem to be rusted. Anything you guys recommend me to do?



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While the car is out of circulation, it would be a good time to remove the tank and carefully inspect

1.  the seam where the upper and lower halves of the tank are welded together.  Look for bulges in the seam that would indicate rust is forming.  If you had a leaky trunk this is entirely possible

2.  check the trunk floor lip that the tank rests on for rust.  The factory sealed the tank to the bodywork with open cell foam--kinda like using a sponge--and it will hold water, allowing both tank and lip to rust.  You really don't want the tank falling out in the street whilst driving!

3.  inspect the inside of the tank with a small flashlight for crud and rust.  Drain tank (do this VERY carefully and preferably outside, and out of the car), remove the sender unit so you can see inside, and clean the screen at the bottom of the sender/gas pickup.  Get a new sealing ring for the sender unit and grease with silicone grease or Vaseline when installing.


Repair/clean tank and lip as necessary.  When you reinstall the tank, use a closed cell foam strip to seal the joint--you can find just what you need in the weatherstripping department at your local hardware store.  Make sure it's marked "closed cell foam."  If you use seam sealer you will have a terrible time removing the tank the next time. 




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