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Stahl Header Vs. Tii Manifold Response


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There have been multiple inquiries on the subject of whether or not adding a header will improve performance of an M10 engine - especially when compared to a ti/tii cast iron manifold.  Certain older Roundel magazines have included comparisons and opinions.   Here is the response from Jere Stahl in the January 1990 Roundel.







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I think you would be better off with the 1 3/8" header with that little cam and small carbs.  You might loose a few HP at the top end but you will gain a lot in torque in the mid range.  Looks at the torque figures and where it peaks between the 1 3/8 and 1 1/2 headers on the Tii.  The smaller header is a much better compromise for a street car. 


Look at the AVERAGE torque through an RPM range:

1 1/2"  header  2000-5000 rpm 115.8 lb/ft average

1 3/8"  header  2000-5000 rpm 124.2 lb/ft average 

1 1/2"  header  2000-6500 rpm 99.15 lb/ft average

1 3/8"  header  2000-6500 rpm 116.2 lb/ft average


You need to move a LOT more air to make the larger header pay off. 

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