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Can The Crank Case Vent Cover Be Removed/replaced..?


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On the underside of the Tii valve cover, that is.    Can the steel cover be removed and reinstalled effectively???


While, the valve cover was hot tanked, the vent is the only area on the whole motor that isn't 100% cleaned.. and its burnin' my ass.  Especially since the helper at the machine shop didn't tape it shut before blasting my valve cover when preparing for Alumablast..  So you can imagine what goop is left in there and what may be sticking to it.


Before reassembly, the fully machined head, block and internal parts were literally scrubbed, in every discoverable orifice, with dawn dish soap and various brushes.   We are talking, surgically scrubbed.


I can live with the risk of grit being in that damn cover!!!!!

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Yeah, that is what you would need to do. If done, I would safety wire them!


BTW, when using ARP head studs I found one rear stud will hit that cover before the cover seats fully. I drilled a hole in that plate for clearance for the stud and nut. Now I can get into it a bit to clean the pocket, but not enough that I would be comfortable media blasting the cover.



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