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Picked Up This Beauty Today


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Saw you driving tonight at White Oak and Rinaldi.  Thought to myself that's a cool car.  Good to see other enthusiasts in the hood.

Thank you, i was on my way home after i picked it up 10 minutes prior to you seeing me. I needed a daily driver until my 02 is done, and i couldn't ask for a better car to daily.

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Nice car! I almost bought one of these a few years ago, before I bought my 02. How does the driving compare? I would imagine a fuel injected 6 would be pretty fun in that small and light body. enjoy!


Thank you Mike, It's a very different driving experience from my 02, the power is almost the same as my 02with m42 swap but the delivery is a lot smoother. the m20 revs endlessly and sounds awesome compared to the m42. surprisingly enough this car is not light by anymeans it's about 2700lbs it feels more stable on the road and a lot quiter that my 02, still loads of fun.


Looks nice, but needs lower "lowering springs!"


 Thank you John, and I agree, but since it's my daily I will stick to this height for now until I score a good deal on coilovers.




Thank you

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