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2002 Euro Bumper Conversion


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I thought I would post some pics of the Euro Bumper Conversion we just completed on my 74 Tii.

Saw a few kits out there and they just weren't good enough. Our kit is a little more involved as far as paint and bodywork, but its much more straight forward. No more using the old US bumper mount position. WE used the original Euro mounting position and provide the instructions and brackets for mounting properly.

I attach a few pics... any questions you can PM me. If there is a positive response I will post some kits for sale in the classifieds. No pricing available right now. Just loom

king for some feedback.








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Thanks for the posts! @Bob02 Maybe you are correct. So excited to get it together I got ahead of myself!

The way we did this we cut out the metal from the square US bracket hole down to the stock Euro 02 frame rail so we could use stock bumper brackets and set up the kit so it bolts onto the frame rail similar to a EURO stock bumper bracket position.

We will also supply the precut steel plates that your body shop will weld into place and finish off the body work. No steel fabrication whatsoever for the body shop. Very straight forward.

Comes with instructions and pictures step by step so a person with at least some fabrication experience can handle the job of cutting the holes out.

You do have to drill holes into the frame rails. We also provide the template to make this straight forward as well.

Basically take a 74,75 or 76 '02 and increase its value tremendously (And increase how good it looks as well!!)

AS far as rear bumper the kit comes with brackets for a straight bolt on application.

I will post some pics of the front and rear so you get an idea of the complete install. It looks like a EURO factory car now. Keep in mind there are a few holes in the body that mount the US bumpers on that need to be filled for a clean look. I don't know why I waited so long to do this. The car looks so much better.


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The mounting positions for the euro/early brackets is stamped into the ends of the squaretail frame rail, underneath the added extension for the shocks, which is welded over the top and FWD. Raising the bumper height to DOT spec.

Nose around, you can see the impressions for the keyholes..  One only need to drill the mounting holes and mount the early brackets, and you have the ability to mount the brackets and get the euro bumper height.


Dealing with the sheet metal on the squaretail nose is the larger issue.  This kit will be interesting to see, from that perspective.  Properly formed and table cut patch panels, with a pattern for the small amount of cutting necessary to pass the brackets through, is my guess as to their offering..  If they are going big, the rubber surrounds and the bumper brackets will be included..

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