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Ebay Camber Plate Install


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I thought I would remove the factory spacer plates and quickly install the fixed camber plates I purchased from an eBay vendor today... NOT.

I did manage to do the job on the lift with the complete suspension and wheels installed. The hard part was getting everything to fit.

No instructions were included but if they had been, they probably would have said, "Some trimming may be necessary to fit."

I had to radius/chamfer the inside on the camber plate to fit correctly on the strut bearing without gouging the rubber. (I noticed this after I slightly gouged the rubber the first time I put it together foolishly assuming it was going to fit.)

Once I had the camber plate properly mated to the strut bearing I then had issues getting that assembly to fit correctly into the car. I had to slightly enlarge the strut hole in the body to clear the strut bearing which was hitting the inboard edge.

The driver's side is done and was a learning experience. The passenger side should go quicker.





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so how much money was saved by getting ebay specials that required grinding, fitting, drilling, more grinding and much profanity vs. getting the IE plates that i hear slide right on out of the box for $125?




(i have no experience with either)

$45 savings. I have no experience with the IE plates either, but based on the manufacturing variances with the strut bearings, camber plates and the car itself, I can imagine some amount of fitting will be required in every case.

The outer rubber portion on my strut bearings is cone shaped. It's this taper that caused the issue. If the strut bearing you have are more vertical you may not have any issues.

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IIRC, my IE fixed plates installed without any problems.  Took longer to press the (3) original studs from the new strut bearings and ensure the special washer did not interfere than anything else....

Can you post installed pics taken from above like the ones I posted above.

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I just looked at the picture on the IE website and I would say the plates I purchased appear to have MORE negative camber. I will post a picture later of the one I have not yet installed.



not possible to have MORE neg camber.  the limit is reached when the strut bearing hits the strut tower.  unless you start cutting away the tower, then all bets are off.  look at jgerock's picture of the ie install.  it is as far inboard as it gets.

LOL.  Short term memory loss? ;)  Or maybe too many projects done since July 2010>?


old age memory loss....oh yeah i do have experience installing IE plates!  your car, IE plates, my shop.  they were a cinch to install.  well worth the extra $45 to not have any cutting or swearing!

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Wow, did I hit a nerve? Not trying to start something. I will take a pic of my uninstalled camber plate tonight. I think the hole is MORE offset than the IE plate. When both are installed I will measure from strut top to strut top and then we can compare this measurement to someone who has IE plates to know for sure.

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no...just pointing out that fixed camber plates can only go so far.  what the plate itself looks like is not relevant.  once the rubber strut bearing hits the edge of the hole, that is it.  both yours and jims pics look the same.  the rubber is against the hole. that is all there is for camber with this limited method.

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After looking at the pic of IE plates above and looking at the eBay plates I have, I am sure the eBay plates offer more negative camber. Additionally the large hole in the upper fender DID require some clearencing towards the inside. When someone posts their strut shaft to strut shaft measurement, we will have 100% confirmation.


The rubber strut bearing is literally making contact with the 16mm diameter washer under the innermost mounting bolt.


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