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Smashed Valve Head


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Well SHIT!!! 

Went to adjust my valves this AM and couldn't figure out why the eccentric was going all the way around.  What does this?  Is this somewhat common?  I'm hoping that it was just from pounding on a poorly adjusted valve, I'd think that if the valve had smacked there would be worse signs than just clacky valves..


I haven't pulled the head yet, but I'm thinking at the minimum, I'm going to have to strip it down and take a whizwheel to the valvestem to get it out.


Life lesson...NEVER SELL YOUR CAR!! Because you will then have go and fix all the crap that the PO did on your next one!!



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Had the seat area on the original intake valves on my '69 completely wear away until the valve in #2 pulled through the seat and broke a rocker arm--obviously a poorly heat treated (OEM) valve, so most anything is possible...seats were undamaged, BTW.


Show a good machinist that galled valve adjustment disk and I'll bet he could tell you what the problem was...I've never seen an adjuster galled like yours (or a valve stem mushroomed either...)



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Thing is, I've taken motors apart that had all the valves so tight that the thing didn't make enough compression to start.


The seats will get damaged, (eroded) the valves will get damaged (overheat and crack) but the tips neved did THAT.


Likewise with loose adjusters...




What if the adjuster slipped, and the PO drove it with .250" of clearance for a decade?



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Someone local suggested that it might just be a smashed lash cap (crossing fingers)  It would make sense, it does have a shrick 292 in it.


Now I just need to get the springs off to take a peek.  Has anyone used one of these spring compressors before?





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