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M2 S14 + 2002 Recipy And Ingredients Assistance Required Please!!!

Aaron Daniel

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Hello fellow enthusiasts!


So I bought this complete S14B23 engine and since I have a touring Im planning on installing this engine at it.


I only have my 2002 Touring Tii which had the injection system removed and 45 DCOes added and the S14B23 engine


Can you Please provide me a list of parts I need to install run and drive this engine at my 02?


Is there a Recipy and Ingredients list for a basic Swap?


What parts do I need? What needs to be cut or modified or removed etc.


I need all possible assistance.


If you already did this swap, know how to do it or what is required or know someone who did it and you have information to share please do so.


All assistance will be appreciated there is no small cooperation.


All comments welcomed!




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those motors have gotten so expensive! and rare as an example i recently did a Setrab oil cooler for my m10 and opted to use an s14 oil head instead of the sandwich adapter setup i did this on a 02 i had back in the 90's back then s14 oil heads wear $65 now there $267 and thats me looking very hard to get that price. i think s14 conversions wear cool when you could get one with 55 thousand "verifiable" miles for $2500 now there $6000 undocumented miles or condition. but still i envy you its gonna be a bad ass 02 when you turn the key on and hear that sound that s14 makes

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all the basics of the install are in my thread, in addition to some extras.


the only instruction manual for putting an s14 into a 2002, with parts lists, is the Aardvarc Racing M2 manual.  they sell a full kit, and also sell a step by step instruction manual.




 i have one of the original manuals Dave did.  it is an invaluable aid to doing this swap and highly recommended.  hoses needed, wiring, transmission mods (you must modify your bellhousing to take the s14 crank sensor).


there are also several other detailed threads besides mine.  do your research!  search both this forum and internet.


rover does have a good point.  e30 m3's and their engines are getting really expensive and e30 m3 owners are starting to hoard s14 cores.  no joke.  i know several hoarders...  availability is dropping like a rock.  parts are expensive. if i was to do it again....i might do an M20 instead ( for a street car...WAY more drivability on the street). or just really build up an M10 for a track car.  

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