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KRIS, ELLIOT ANYBODY HELP!......and no i am not a desperate

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Guest Anonymous

I have a serious problem that has got me fucking stumped and not to mention its a freinds car. I have done several headgasket and timing chain replacements but WHAT THE FUCK. I have the crank notch (the second notch of the two close together) exactly at the pointer pin on the lower timing cover along with the cam's tdc notch lined up at the oil spray bar. When the vehicle is rolled extreemely conservativly in fourth gear it will roll back maybe a foot and lock up and then we roll it forward about a foot and it locks up. The only thing it can be is piston to valve imterference...So here is what I am thinking, is it possible for the head being installed at TDC BUT the crank is in its downward motion cause the whole thing to be off 180 degress. I AM STUCK

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Guest Anonymous

First things first... I am not the know all be all of engines.. my

word is not the end of the line.. ok.. first.. you obviously have a

timming issues.. rocking the car is bad like I said.. use a breaker

bar and a socket on the crank pulley.turn by hand.. please follow

that step.. it's there so you won't bend a valve if you already

haven't.. trust me they're easy to bend.. second... take a look at

your cam at TDC.. on the #1 cylinder.. are both rockers on the

base circle of the cam.. with the next rotation being that the

intake valve is about to open?.. also remove a spark plug on #1..

shine a light.. use a mirror or something to see if you can see the

#1 piston through the hole.. try and feel it with a small phillips

head screwdriver... infact they make TDC Stops that thread into a

spark plug hole with hole in the center for a long bolt to stop the

piston.. (worse comes to worse get one of those) now when you

have that data we can proceded with a solution...

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