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I think, if that's not moving, that your power valve is always open.


If air's leaking, that diaphragm is shot.  If it's not leaking, then the

diaphraghm/ rod is stuck.


They rebuild kits I have purchased came with a new one (Royze)

but it's been a while since I did one.




I wasn't sucking hard enough! When I suck really hard, the piston moves down, and moves back up when I stop sucking.


Here's another thing I don't understand: if I keep screwing the mixture screw in (clockwise), while keeping the revs up a little to keep the engine from stalling (it will stall otherwise), there is no noticeable reduction in the smoke coming out of the exhaust. I would have expected that leaning the mixture would have stopped the smoke, no?


I have something really screwed up somewhere, I'm sure!

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