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Picture Request: O2 Sensor


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Jim, was this with a tranny bracket with the repositioned mounting tabs on the tunnel?  I'm running the cantilever bracket from 02haus, it takes most of the space from mounting the o2 sensor into the collection point before the center pipe.

Next question. My reading suggests that the closer upstream as possible to the header collection point is better. That is why I was thinking that tapping into the center pipe was too far downstream. I'm also planning on running an innovate LC-1 module. Marshall and Jimk go around pretty good about the innovate and its proximity to the upstream location burning up the innovate controller. Besides it being the only option, is tapping the center pipe a better overall locale?

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That location was first using the U-bracket, then I changed the tranny brackets to Lee's S/S ones.  I installed the 02 sensor toward the front of the down pipe just after the (2) pipes join.


Current arrangement. Some minor modifications had to be done to the tranny support bracket to clear my exhaust. As with all 5-speed installations - your results will vary.


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