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This Cant Be Good... (Mystery Clips - From Timing Chain Master Link!)


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3500 miles post top and bottom rebuild. First post track oil change. I only have some dark smoke from running a bit rich for safety. Some mild blue smoke on lift on highway (overfilled oil a bit recently).

This was on my magnetic plug in addition to very fine magnetic sludge... Only a small amount. Thought? Looks like a retaining clip.  It is 6mm in diameter. UPDATE: see page 2 but sounds to be from the kf pump. 


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Looks smaller than that but worth measuring to see.


My engine is currently apart--the one large clip is 11.75mm O.D. and the two smaller clips are about 10.8mm O.D.


Large circlip 6.0mm I.D. = 07119932842 / 07119905695

Small circlip 5.0mm I.D. = 07119932832


Speaking of valve train components, I was just perusing the Japanese M10 website, the gentleman that fabricates his own roller rockers. Anyone know who this is? Very inspirational. Here's a pic of his billet aluminum timing chain tensioner and lightened cam timing gear. See here for more cool stuff: http://bmw021800.jugem.jp/?cid=4


Note: for some reason the link goes to the home page (http://bmw021800.jugem.jp), but go to the fourth category or manually enter this URL (http://bmw021800.jugem.jp/?cid=4) for the engine component detail pics. Or just scroll through all 146 pages, tons of great stuff here!





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Was a master link timing or oil pump chain used?  Could be a circlip from the master link.  Although the double row master link chains usually use a one piece oval shaped clip that clips onto both pins at the same time.


Might be a good idea to pull the valve cover and turn the engine a couple of revolutions to check the chain.


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Several people appear to not have read this thread carefully. That circlip is tiny. The OP measured it at 6mm outside diameter and I measured the timing chain guide and lever arm circlips at roughly 11mm outside diameter or greater. Who knows where it came from, but it is not from inside the engine and it is no longer in the engine, so the issue is closed.



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