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Complete Msd Ignition Install


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As part of my top end make-over I have assembled all the pieces necessary to update the ignition system in Remy. MSD all the way.


I will post links to the other posts.

Dual Dellorto carb install - COMPLETE


SCHRICK 292 cam install - Next after ignition.

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Progress thus far:


Gray wire is for tach. I connected it, but no bueno. I assumed this to be the case. I already ordered a MSD tach adapter which should solve the issue.

Red wire is direct to battery. Temporarily run across nose to test system. Engine fired right up and ran smooth. Road testing and precise timing yet to come.

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Great stuff....excuse my ignorance, but could you tell me the advantages of the MSD distributor vs a Tii with a crane system? My plan was to upgrade the ignition and was going the crane route, would love to hear the pros and cons of each system.

I'm no expert but... The MSD dizzy is a new design with sealed roller bearings. Dizzy has customizable advance mechanism. (Fine tuning carbs, cams, etc.) Cap and rotor designed for high output. I believe the OEM cap/rotor may be an issue with the high output of modern CDI systems.


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