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Scheel 'low Rise' Seat Adapters

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This adapter set addresses the "high ride" that is produced from using Scheel sliders with Recaro adapters. I discovered the problem myself when installing my own seats. I'm 5'11"and my hat was almost touching the ceiling of the car. So whats a tinkerer to do but engineer a solution.

These will allow the use of stock sliders.


I am confident in the final designs and need to know who will buy, in list form, so I can try to get things moving.

A bit of a seat wiki has been formed from the "gauging interest" post I have in the general discussion.

Link to that thread is here:


And here is my personal blog entry concerning the design process..


Boiled down, here are the general findings.

• Common to all Scheel seats and 95% of Recaros use a 405mm side to side measurements between bolt holes. Implying that the open center adapters will work for the 320i Recaro seats. (I have a set available to me for final word and will have pics soon.)

• There are variances between the front to rear measurements for the mounting hole of the sliders. (This can be addressed)

• The overall width for mounting stock sliders is consistent for all years of '02. 445mm side to side. 340mm hole center to hole center on the stock slider.

SIDEBAR: We CAN adapt either of these designs for other BMW models with different spans between the sliders, we would just need to gather dimensions.

In my designs, as seen in the photos, the pre configured mounting points for the seat frames are based on the measurements taken from my Scheel sliders. 405mm side to side (seat), and 388mm front to back on the four corner holes (slider).



Common to the two types of seat adapters:

• The adapters will ship with button head SS fasteners to be used for attaching the stock sliders.

• The adapters will be shipped raw, unless otherwise specified.

• Black Powder Coat is optional. Contact me for pricing.

• Prices do not include shipping.

Adapter Type 1

$90.00 each or $170.00 a set.

• Open center perimeter bracket to stock sliders.

• Overall seat frame support dimension: 510mm X 435mm.

• Perfect for freshly rebuilt seats with tight straps.



Adapter Type 2

$145.00 each or $250.00 a set.

• Full support.

• Angled center. Front to back 1" drop.

• Same overall dimension as Type 1.

• Good for tired seat suspension, or minimizing stress over time on good originals or even newly reupholstered seats. I have this piece in my car and love it.





Here are fitment photos from the car with the plates installed on both sides..








If you are interested in a single or a set, please shoot me an email.

Thanks all..


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