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Sunroof Assist Requested


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in NoVa with a '76 sunroof car.


It works and seals. It opens and closes but is a bit high in the front. Has been like that for quite some time.

I have muddled around with it and am unable to determine it it is out of adjustment or unadjustable due to some 'breakage' so we just drive it but now it's time to get it right, if I can.

Is there anyone in the DC-MD-VA area that is 'experienced' in adjusting the sunroof?

I can certainly come over or you can come here.

Yes, I have read the threads here but can't get it right.


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Hi Tom.


Have you unclipped and slid back the interior panel cover and looked at the (2) knurled nuts at the leading edge of both sides?  I'm betting the nuts are making the sunroof panel too high.  Does the sliding panel touch the roof when it is opened?


Here is one style of front bracket (most likely a later model 2002) that did NOT work in my 69. It made the front too high even when the knurled nuts were turned all the way in.



Here is the original 69 front bracket which is thinner and has less of an offset (to make the roof panel sit at the proper height).



Slide the interior cover toward the rear of the car.

Note the vertical position of the (2) knurled nuts (they move up and down).


Loosen the (2) screws and tighten the nuts so they lower the panel.  Check the outside during your adjustment.


E-mail me using the PM feature.  I may be able to come over today or next weekend. I'm certainly no expert but willing to help.

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Update on Tom's issue


Marshall and I headed over to Tom's today to check out his 76 sunroof issues..


Front was too high - scraping against the body when it was cranked open.  We pulled the interior panel back and I noticed the (2) knurled nuts on both sides were all the way against the roof panel (as low as it was going to get).  Since Tom had recently replaced the sunroof cables, the swinging metal retainer clips were not holding the rear sunroof cable pins, causing the rear panel not to rise up when the roof was closed.


That did not fix the problem - the roof panel was still too high in the front (even after I adjusted the handle).


After messing with the brackets, Marshall suggested we flip the front brackets over to lower the roof panel.  After that and some adjustments the roof closed perfectly!  Unfortunately, when we flipped the brackets, they interfered with the sliding insert, preventing Tom and I from re-installing the panel back into the roof "cassette".  


Tom and I decided to check out the front guide parts since I had the same issues on my 69 (there are (2) different styles of front brackets).


I recently received some parts from BLUNT (yesterday) that included the (2) front brackets # 54121815185 to see which ones they were but forgot that I ordered them.


They are identical to the ones Tom has in his car (and the ones that would not work in my 69..



Anyone out there have a source for the "other" style of brackets?  These are the ones that will work in my 69.



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Jim and Marshall..THANK YOU for the help and support!

I missed most of the race, so chose to continue with splitting the wood. I generally start Winter with 5 cords. I still have work to do.

OK..the important stuff. I found this guy's writeup from '74 Stella a few years back: http://www.my2002tii.com/spring_2005/sunroof.htm

His look the same as the ones I have and he has them installed as they were before we flipped them and as depicted in your shot above.

I'm still looking online for other clips.

I may completly remove the entire panel and start fresh using Stella as an example. I had seen that before and feel confident that I followed it as well as Dubois's writeup in this forum.


Again..THANK YOU both!

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