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High Output Taillights - Headlights - Instrument Lights

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Bothered by dim rear lights, headlights, instrument panel lights?  No wonder,

bulbs all lose output over time, and cars that are 40 years old have old bulbs.


How about brighter bulbs at / near stock wattage for 2002 and other classic BMWs?
All feature BMW-required nickel base (silver color). All safe and effective, based on
25 years in my 1972 2002. (VIN 2582401) All clear glass, no blue tinted crap.

Here are three options to improve the lighting of your beloved Neue Klasse!
(Look for my other posts with pictures and technical stuff, or email me for more information)

1-- Simple, modest improvement, free --
Pull lenses off, clean dirt from lenses, bulbs, reflectors, connectors.
REMOVE/DISCARD any brass base bulbs, replace with silver / nickel base.
( I'll send you a set of correct used bulbs for postage if you can't afford new)

2-- Smart, good improvement--
New High Output (HO) Lamps (always replace bulbs in pairs for evenly balanced appearance):
Brake, front/rear turn, reverse - 45 cp/candle power, versus 32 cp stock; $12/pair;
Tail - 10 cp versus 4 cp stock; $6/pair
Side Markers- 7 cp versus 3 cp stock; $15/pair
Instrument lamps- 194NA (amber), not high output but preserves night vision; $9/set of 4
Headlights - German Narva H4 'RangePower +50' claimed 50% brighter than stock, $36/pair
Headlight Protection - Perfectly sized clear film, 40 mil; $17/pair

3-- Rewarding, Intelligent, Unbelievable Improvement--
Restore and Upgrade Lights to make them look bigger, brighter, and more reliable,
and really get the attention (and respect) of other drivers! This process will:
> Restore silvering, to direct more light out and through the lens;
> Install HO bulbs to increase the intensity of all lights, front, sides, and rear;
> Add a second tail light lamp, doubling visual size and filaments in rear markers (tails);
> Hugely increased reliability of rear lights from redundant filaments.

Other options are available for more or less $, just tell me what problems you want to solve.

Results are increased output; enhanced visual size; hugely increased reliability of rear lights.
Also eliminates the 'Single Point Failure' susceptibility of rear (running or tail) lights; because
when a tail light fails, the second lamp provides continued visibility for both sides of the car!



Numerically speaking- lamp life is statistically distributed, and cannot be predicted for a
single lamp with any degree of accuracy, by anyone. The closest you can come is

something like: "The probability of a single lamp failing at 1200 +/- 120 hours of operation

is 37%", or some similar noncommital statement.


Point is, any SINGLE lamp WILL fail at some unknown time (think of Murphy's law).

Of course, your lamp will fail at the least convenient time, putting you and the car at risk.

This random failure rate also means that the odds of BOTH lamps failing on the SAME SIDE
of the car on the SAME DAY are just about nil. Zip. Dual lamps in each light means reliability !

I welcome your questions, cater to special requests, and am happy to help you ...
"Be Seen, and Not Hurt."

Let's do what we can to keep these old bimmers out of the junk yard, and you out of the hospital.
Thanks for looking, and doing your part.

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Tinted Instrument lamps, amber and limited number of green available.


These are not exactly 'high output', but they are new bulbs -- which means they are probably

brighter than those really old bulbs that may be struggling to light your instrument panel.


Amber - sort of yellow orange color, easy on the eyes and good at preserving night vision.


Green - Don't know why, but these really stand out due to their shorter wavelength light.  Silicon sleeves slip over lamp.


Travis - you out there?  Haven't heard from you after your query...

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