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Installed Weber 38 Pictures (Cannon Manifold)?


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Just seeing if anybody has some easily-accessible pictures of an installed Weber 38.  I found some older topics with info, but the majority of the pictures are dead or missing.  I'm in the process of installing my new 38 with Cannon manifold and I'm trying to remember where stuff routes to and from.  I previously had dual 40 dcoes with the coolant hoses bypassed, and since I don't have the bottom piece for routing the coolant to the cannon manifold, I'm going to stick with that for now. That eliminates the angled upward facing hole at the middle of the manifold. Then I have the brake booster hose hole with the needed fitting, so that is taken care of. That leaves me with a small threaded hole on the manifold that basically faces the fuse box which I'm not too sure about, as well as a vacuum fitting on the carb itself, which I'm also not sure if I need to connect anything to. Any pictures or help would be great. Thanks.

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