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Headlights Always On


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Ever since I got my 74 car at the beginning of the summer the headlights have always been on and the f in the gauge has been lit, whenever the car is on. So I decided to figure out how to change this. 


So I moved the three relays around, when i pull on the turn signal all three relays clicked but the lights didn't change. I have disconnected the turn signal switch and the lights are still on. The only thing that turns the lights off is removing #11 fuse. 


So it is somehow stuck in high beam. I have been chasing wires around and cant figure it out. Any guidance would help a lot.







Unrelated Pic. These are fun little cars.


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First off, grab a copy of this document:


2002 12 Fuse Models – Electrical Overview – Lighting and Relay Circuits


Since you've swapped the relays around and the symptoms haven't changed, the most likely cause of the problem is either (a) the high/low beam selector is permanently in 'high', or (B) a PO has butchered the wiring and all bets are off. 


We can't help you with (B), but tracking (a) is pretty easy.


Assuming you have a meter that can measure voltage (or a test lamp, or something similar) check the voltage on the white/blue wire on the relay connector with the car in a state where the lights are on. If there's no voltage there, then (B) looks likely as that's the wire that controls the high-beam relay.


If you have 12V on that wire, and you're certain the lights should be off, then the next most likely culprit is the switch on the steering column. Pull the connector that connects it to the wiring loom (left side of the steering column under the dash) and check the white/blue wire again.


If it's still at 12V, then (B) or a short somewhere in the wiring between the column switch connector and the relay connector (possibly both). Otherwise, it's the column switch.


Good luck!

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