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Can Anyone Id This Caliper/rotor Setup For Me?


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looks like that car has some upgrades?  lots o pad left...just go out and hammer the brakes a few times to grind that rust off!


if purchasing shown vehicle, I would make sure the calipers are centered to the rotor, It looks to be mounted un-centered. would need spacer washers/shims between the caliper mount and kingpin to center correctly. Some people slot the mount tabs to have the caliper sit closer to the hub center or fill the mount holes and redrill for repositioning the caliper. this would allow full pad contact and not have that 3/16" pad hanging off the outside circumference of the rotor.

'77 only vented rotors with later e21 small hubs, can purchase the studs from a variety of sources: Turner, IE......

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Thanks everyone,

yeah, the car has been my "driveway queen" in sunny/rusty Florida for the last 5 months.  will def get the rust off before driving.  Have fuzzy memories of the PO saying something about a brake upgrade from a known vender (I think Ireland) but I never looked into it.

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