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Broken Diaphragm Is Never A Good Thing (Fuel Pump)


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A broken diaphragm is never a good thing. Oops....my diaphragm broke.

However in the case of the '02, the fluids are NOT getting through, but just as bad! ;)

My sons are off to school so I get to keep the '76 running.

Darned mechanical fuel pump.

I just thought I would share that before I head off to the "Marketplace" to find a fuel pump.

Have a great day folks. Beatutiful here in NoVa!


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Be sure and check your oil; when the fuel pump diaphragm breaks, some gas can leak into the head, and then into the sump.  Oil diluted with gas makes a lousy lubricant--not at all good for bearings, etc.


If you have the old style pump that's held together with 5 or 6 screws, the diaphram repair kit from an air cooled Beetle (for a Peirburg pump) will work in your BMW pump.  If it's the newer style with the crimped top, it's new pump time...




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Thanks. The mechanical, head-mounted pump is a sealed (crimped) unit.

It didn't leak, it's just not pumping and it IS actuating.

As it turns out, those seem to be as common as teeth on a chicken.

Time for an electric unit?

Unless someone has one they want to part with?

I do like the ease of installing the mechanical unit...2 nuts..2 hoses..DONE.

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Steve-O..Blunt..yep. I prefer the mechanical also. Before I click "add-to-cart"..I was looking at the pump and saw a strange looking 'wear' spot on the top, where it actually touches the air cleaner housing.

I put my finger on the exit and blew into the inlet and sure enough...I heard that hissing.

There was a tiny hole in the housing that was letting the pressure out.

J-B Weld to the rescue!

It's holding but we're not taking it too far from home.

I knew the air cleaner housing did not fir perfectly on the Redline Weber 32-36 DGAV, but I wasn;t concerned.

NOW, I'll fix it.


And I'll get ahold of someone for a new one.


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