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Some A-Hole Stole My Gascap

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I left my car at my mechanic's shop to have the master cylinder replaced because i HATE dealing with brake fluid.

He calls me a few hours later to give me an estimate and tell me that my gas cap is gone.

He did the work and made no effort to replace the gascap that was stolen while my vehicle was on his property.

Los Angeles business owners don't seem to 'get it'....

Anyhow, i am looking for a chrome, locking gascap, with keys please. Quality should be decent.

Low price is good.

I like the caps with the doors but I'll take either or.

No rush, i have a temporary plastic gas cap left over from a parts car.



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It was Summit Automotive in Venice, CA. I have done a few years worth of business over there.


I am of the same opinion.  It is a shame that a part that would cost the shop owner $30 or so may be something that could prevent me from taking my car back to him, thus spending much more money there.  He could have at least offered to split the cost of a replacement with me or something. 


He also offered to buy a dead steering box from me for $30 and he only took $20 off my bill to pay for it.


It is hard to find decent shops in Los Angeles who will even touch a 2002. I thought Summit was better then that but I left the shop scratching my head... feeling like I got 'taken for a ride'.

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