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Pulled Motor, But Had To Go Try And Break It First..


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Hey guys, just got back to this sorry.  I wasn't the slowest there that night.  I actually did better than a stock 2012 focus.. LOL  


Stock cam and pistons for 1975.  Thats 264* cam and 8:1 flat top pistons.  32/36 carb.  Shorty header. 5 Speed O.D and 3.91 LSD. Stock-ish diameter tires on 15" wheels.


Best was 17.4 seconds at 77 MPH.  2.4 second 60 ft times.  Went through the trap at redline in Third.  


Motor is getting 292 regrind. 1mm over sized SS valves.  Locked HD rockers and HD Springs.  9.5:1, 90mm pistons.  Dellorto DHLA40-H side drafts on IE manifold. 


I can't wait.  I have been preparing for this for years!

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