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Cleaning The Inside Of A 4Spd?


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The stuff that's stuck to the inside of the case will in all likelihood stay there - that's why it's there now.  As long as it stays there, it can stay there and do no harm.  This is just like using non-detergent oil in old VWs, just don't change it without a complete disassembly and cleaning.


That said, I like to clean stuff if I have it off, because all too frequently the next guy in there to fix the mess I made, will be me.  And it's MUCH nicer to work on clean stuff.


I wouldn't bench clean it as this would be unlikely to be thorough without disassembly.  Rather, I'd put 50/50 ATF and trans oil in it and run a few hundred easy miles, then drain thoroughly when warm and refill with your choice of lubricant.

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i'd never put anything back together dirty. my 3-spd is damn near polished from when i replaced the rear main seal.


brake & parts cleaner and/or degreaser, kerosene, petrol etc. will all work great. just make sure you 100% it if you start it because anything you leave there will be more likely to circulate itself around the gearbox.

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I put lots of things back together that aren't spotless- life's too short.


BUT you DO need to clean the things that matter.  The inside of the bellhousing is not one of those things...


The inside of your coffee cup, now, that's a matter of taste.



you never was a coffee cup

you just bore them out once in a while

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