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Cage Nut Blues


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Hi folks,


Due to the vibration from normal driving or from closing the door, my driver side mirror works itself loose and needs to be tightened periodically.  The door metal isn't what it used to be and will no longer hold the cage nut. I'm wondering if there is a grommet or washer available to supplement the cage nut so that it will stay tight. I've done a search on this sight but couldn't find what I was looking for. Any help would be much appreciated.




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After I messed up a cage nut installation I did use a machine screw, washers and a lock nut to hold the passenger side mounting plate. It is a real difficult place to reach. In order to get a washer on to screw, I used an adhesive to hold to washer to the lock nut to get it started. The machine screw faces down, my fingers were too big to hold the washer and start the lock nut.. FWIW


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