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Bmw 1600 Weber Install And Repair Questions


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if you have a 2 bbl on you car or can get a 2 bbl manifold the carb will work on your car...


heck...if you already have the 2 bbl manifold, bolt the weber on and see what happens...i've bought them looking like they got dug out of the dump and they ran good

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The 1600s have smaller intake ports compared to the 2002. So, if you use a 2L intake manifold for a 2 barrel carb such as the pictured Weber, it will bolt on to your 1600 head, but the ports on the 2L intake manifold are too big and the fit is not ideal. The early BMW 316 (1.6L in 320i chassis) for the first few years of production used the 1.6L fitted with the matching 2 barrel carb manifold. These were not imported into the US. This is the only manifold that properly fits your 1600 if you want to go the 2 barrel route.


I would personally stay away from the 2 barrel Weber since it will reduce your mpg to somewhere around 17mpg. Driveability will also decrease since your low end looses out with that carb. I've tried it. And, you will need to install diffrent jets to even make it work.


In my opinion, the 1600 works best with a properly functioning stock 38mm PDSI single barrel carb.



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^^^ yes you same the Original 1 barrel manifold, you need to get a 2bbl mani, any later model 2002 intake mani will work. you can tel the difference because the single barrel with have 1 hole. and the 2barrel will have whats called a 'peanut' shaped intake port..


Is it worth the upgrade? If so does anyone have one laying around haha

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From long experience with a '69 (1bbl Solex) and a '73 (2bbl Weber conversion)--the one bbl Solex (your 1600 has a slightly smaller version of the one used on early 2002s) is bulletproof, idles more smoothly than the Weber and does get better gas mileage.  Since your 1600 sounds like a pretty recent acquisition, drive it with the current carb for awhile and see how you like it. 


Then if you get the urge to convert to a 2 barrel carb, you can acquire the manifold (they're easy to find) and do a little grinding on your cylinder head intake ports to match 'em with the larger ports on the manifold.  That's pretty easy to do if you have a Dremel tool or air powered die grinder. 

1.  Remove the 1 bbl manifold

2.  Using the 2bbl manifold gaskets as a template, scribe the larger outline of the manifold ports on the cylinder head's intake ports.

3.  Using your scribed line as the outer edge, taper the opening back into the port so it's a gradual transition from manifold to intake port instead of an abrupt size change.

4.  Do the ports one at a time, and stuff an oil-soaked rag down into the port being ground to catch any chips and dust.

5.  Install the 2 bbl manifold with new gaskets; you'll need the proper manifold pre-heater water hoses as they're different between the two manifolds. 


Or, just leave it alone and use the 1 bbl Solex.





PS--if you ever need it, I have a 118i cylinder head surplus to needs...complete less camshaft.

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