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I Am Now Writing For Road And Track


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Ladies and gentleman, damen und herren, madams and monsieurs:


It's official. I am pleased to announce that I am now writing for Road and Track. Starting in October and running every other issue, you'll see a short piece called "Lost Art" (as in "working on your own car is a") in the back of the magazine. It is not a column. And I am so totally NOT replacing Peter Egan (as if anyone could). But if you haven't subscribed to the revamped R&T yet, you should, and I would be honored if I am one of the reasons that you do. Editors Larry Webster, Sam Smith, and John Krewson are doing cool things.

I take that back. To say "I am pleased to announce" makes it sound like I'm joining a law firm or something. It's more like I'm grinning to ear to ear because I'm 13 years old and the cool girl asked ME to the dance. Most things of value in this world trace back to feeling like you're 13 years old. If cars and car magazines do that to you, join the club.


I will still be writing every other month for Roundel. As luck would have it, I appear to have gotten on a schedule where both articles are due the same month. Sucks to be me.


I hereby promise to slip in as many 2002 references as I can get away with.




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LOL!   Congratulations Rob... Did it have anything to do with your recent purchase of the Europa?


For those who don't follow Peter Egan's wonderful column in the R&T Magazines, he is a big Lotus fan.  I recently renewed my subscription mainly for Pete's column and enjoy even better with Larry Webster now on board.


Rob - think you can do a 2002 version of Pete's article (maybe morphed from your book?)??



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