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Little Introduction To The Local Group For Me.


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Well I'm a new comer to the 2002 world and the world of cars actually. Got my 76 about a month and a half ago as a little project. A running one that is. I got it off a mechanic in Seattle and have been cruising up and down the road my house is located at because its not registered yet hahah. I hope to get it some shiny new plates and tabs before my birthday drivers license test in November. It is a Fjord Blue 02. Needs new paint rather badly. But it is a great running and driving first car so what ever I suppose. Maybe my senior project should be a exterior restoration? Not sure what my plans are with the little 2002 but I will have pictures here on this tread tomorrow morning. Just thought I would let all of the fellow 2002 enthusiasts know that one is still alive and kicking! (And I did make a "hello" on the main thread a while back this summer but I don't think anyone in The northwest section knows that the car is located here so just thought I would say hi!)

Hope to see some of the local 02'ers around some time!


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