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I am wondering if it is necessary or even worthwhile taking up these mats. It appears to be a lengthy process and quite messy. I am upgrading the carpets along with a sound buffering material (dynamat).


Anyone have any suggestions or comments if taking out the factory material is worthwhile.. It appears to be in pretty good condition.





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Before leaving them in there, I would inspect them very carefully for any telltale traces of any rust that might be lurking under there, no matter how minute.  Remember that you probably won't be looking under there for years.


First look at the underbody directly under those areas for any obvious rust spots, then examine the surface of the sound deadening mats to see if there are any areas that might not be glued down anymore, as that would possibly indicate some rust.


If you find any traces, pull that mat up, grind down or otherwise remove any loose, flaking rust and then treat it with a good rust preventive paint.  My favorite for that task is POR-15.


Regards, Maurice.

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