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'74-'76 Custom Made Silicone Smog Hoses

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I had Five (5) sets of these made sometime back and sold all of them pretty quick, save for this set that ended-up on my daughters' '75. It's since went bye-bye, but I managed to grab these off before she sold it.

These are guaranteed to last WAY longer than the rubber one's you've likely got on your vehicle.

This set includes the following hoses...

- Hose that runs from the Thermal Reactor to the EGR Valve.

- Hose that runs out of the Diverter Valve out into the open (Blow Off) ... and lastly...

- Hose that runs from the Diverter Valve down to the Smog Pump

They're still in great shape as you would expect from silicone.

I still have the original molds I paid to have made for these and might go about producing a few more sets, if the demand is there. I know that for the most part, you cant even get a hold of new rubber one's. :-(

I'd like $75.00 for the set.


Ken (seeniespop@yahoo.com)


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