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A Few Photos From The Thunderhill 8/24/2013 Rallyx

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Anyone else a RallyX fan here? I did the Thunderhill RallyX last month and had a blast! I heard there will be more RallyX action over in Prarie City for the Fall/winter season. Anyone else care to join?












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Nice.  How did the 02 hold up?  I've done a couple Rallycrosses with borrowed/rental cars, and its a whole lot of fun, but damn it's abusive on the car.  We have a lot more soft ground/mud here where we run, so it's tough to get traction, and then you end up bouncing through mud holes.  When things are dry, then it gets crazy fast.

I've thought about trying it with the 02, but I'm not sure what old suspension parts I would break, and not ready to jam mud into everything.

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