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Tisa Tachometer


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Does anybody know the diameter of the TiSA tachometer?  Distance it sits from the dash face?  Is the housing crinkle painted or matte?  What is the taper of the housing from the tach face to where it meets the dash?


I found an interesting tach and I may try to replicate the look if the diameter is close.  I have a couple upper column housings so I could make it reversible back to the standard 1800Ti setup.



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I have one in the garage. I'll measure mine. I can't remember if its 80 or 90 mm. The tach housing doesn't attach to the column. The housing fits against the dash over the standard tach opening. It's thinwall tubing with a bar welded inside and a stud in the center. The stud reaches inside the dash, through a second bar that is clamped with a nut/washer arrangement. Black crinkle finish.

The tough part is the little shroud on the tach end of the mount. It's a plastic ring, flat on one end, tapered on the other.


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