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Part Ii: Motherlode Of Pics From Lime Rock Sunday In The Park


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Lime Rock's "Sunday in the Park" was amazing.  Don't miss it next year.  You can get as close to the cars as you like and everyone (I hope) respects this privilege. 


I did see a restored Ferrari with a "theft deterrent" I never thought of before.  It might slow down the average thief but I think a well educated crook might figure it out.  


Ever driven an old Chevy wagon and been the first car in line waiting for the traffic light to turn green?  I was told this was a factory option that solved the neck breaking strain to see the light.


Photos attached.







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Lime Rock was great again as usual, little "Gerta" was accepted into the Sunday in the Park Concours show, which was why she wasn't parked over by the other 2002s...


I think most people missed her as our class was all the way at the end of the main straight.


Anyway, to our surprise, she took 2nd in class! We got a nice trophy and had a great time.


Our class was interesting:


19. “Form Follows Function,” practical perfection, commercial and practical vehicles 1955 to 1985


Some great looking vehicles, but the judge said the originality and documentation we had helped us a lot.
If you haven't gone, definitely make it a must-do for next year!


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