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Picked Up Some Interesting Parts. Thoughts?


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I went to a mans house today who had posted in a local online classifieds that he had a few spare 2002 tail lights and turn signals. Turns out he had some other stuff that he wanted to get rid of.

Picked it all up for a good package deal. Guess I have to figure out how to install some of this stuff and what else I need. I wonder what the performance different will be.






I'm picking up a spare 2002 engine and transmission later this week from him.

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Good haul Hellrot

couple a nice boxes o-goodies.


Do you plan to bolt those right on (after cleaning, rebuild etc)? And is your engine modded otherwise?


I ask because I've gathered that all that induction without other mods may not produce what you'd think it would. I think at the least you might need hotter camming, better exhaust, but I think, and others will correct if i'm mistaken, to fully realize those weber's potential an increase in compression may be needed. Assuming stock is not already high(ish). Maybe that's what the spare block is for? (wink


i have no first hand experience, tending to rock it stock myself. but that is only due to lack of funds and skill. this is just what I've read preparing for the big what if....


Also, did he say he used those on BMW? i ask because bayless (now Mid-west BAyless) deals with fiat and lancia mostly I think. On the paper beneath the rebuild diagram, it looks like it says Lancia in pen. Maybe those came from a Lampredi twin cam. Maybe a fulvia? It may not even matter. Cool looking intake regardless.


Anyhow those are my thoughts for what its worth.

Congrats on the loot.

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I am quite excited with the goodies.


As it turns out he also has a spare m10 and 4 speed transmission with 60k Miles on them. I am going to pick them up this week. I think my plan will be to refresh that engine and install all these goodies on it with an ireland engineering cam. Then at some point I can just plop it in!

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