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Head Lights Only Wink.


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Need some help guys.


My 76 2002 has been having a ongoing head light problem.


My lights will only wink. If i have my brights on only the right light will work if I have my low beams on only the left light will come on.


My L light is on on the dash and I have having zero alternator problems. I have checked this several times.


I have swapped out the relay and their is zero change.


I just installed a new high beam turn signal switch and now only the passenger side bright will work.


Where do I go from here?


Should I change the Light switch that pulls out?


Thanks guys for any help.

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Sorry, your post is a bit hard to follow. You say your headlights only wink, but then say that one or another light is on under certain circumstances. Could you make this a bit more simple for someone like me reading your post to understand? For example, when the headlights switch is on (and the key is in the "run" position), which lights are on when the low/high toggle is in the low position and in the high position?


You said that "L" light is on in your dash, but you have no alternator problems. How did you conclude this (i.e., why is your L light on?).



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Sorry I have been a bit exhausted this week let me try to this again.


So when I have the car on and the light switch pulled out only one of my lights will come on.


So if I have my low beams on then only my passenger side light will come on.


If I turn my high beams on only my drivers side light comes on.


I just replaced the turn signal indicator and nothing has changed.


I am about to swap bulbs to see if this makes and changes.

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Definitely swap the bulbs, and if that doesn't give you any clues, I would consider:


 - Check the headlight ground (should be up near the relays on the inside left fender).

 - Check the L&R low-beam fuses (9 & 10).

 - Check the high-beam fuse (11).

 - Check the white-violet wires on the bottom of the high/low beam changeover relay. The left high-beam power is routed via this connector, if it's been cut or failed you'll lose just that light.

 - Check the foglamp relay connector. The right low-beam power is routed via this connector; if it's been cut or failed you'll lose just that light.


When checking the fuses, disconnect the battery, undo the screw on the fusebox and lift it out. It's possible for the fuse to be OK but for the connector to have fallen off (or be loose on) the lugs on the bottom of the fuse panel.

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