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Twisted Off Getrag 245 Slave Cylinder Stud


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Hi there


Well... I could not help myself.  Probably quite common, eh!?  I finished my '71 2002 and driving it around and still frequenting FAQ, I decided a 5 spd tranny would be a real nice upgrade.  As if they are ever really 100% done anyways!?  Anyways, the other night I was cleaning up the transmission and removing the slave cylinder... the first nut came off easy and the other one just twisted off...seemed to be cracked before since it took no real effort.  Anyways...what are the recommended solutions?  


The ideas I have include,

-I think there is enough room for a bolt head on the inside of the clutch housing (though to change the slave cylinder maybe at some time requires tranny removal) 

-heat the bolt and surrounding area and very gently tap or twist the broken stud out and replace (can a stud be found)









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Oh dear!!  Looks like a pressed-in bolt. First attempt would be to heat and gently tap it out (no twisting).  A standard repair with an M8 bolt epoxied into place would probably work, but I would try to find a replacement "original style" bolt--maybe someone with a trashed 245 case?  Good luck.

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Amazing what a bit of heat does.  A few minutes with a propane torch gently heating the bolt and surrounding area...and a few light taps...and voila...the knurled bolt is out.  The diameter of the knurled portion of the bolt is 0.088 inches and the height of the knurled section is a hair <1/4 inch.  Its about $2.50.  



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