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002 Distributor/no Vac. Adv. $55 Ship Con Usa W.mass.

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I have the 002 distributor without vac advance that seems to be desirable to many. Trying to get my purchase $ back fast for the forest green 76 I towed home yesterday. Eurotrash just called my and helped me come up with a price. Do contact him for H4 bulbs when you need them. He has MANY new ones. Anyway my distrib is in good condition -was in box inside car-not greasy-very clean. I will not need. Pictures coming on weekend. If you want dibs before or after pictures call me then post info on this thread stating you might get very serious later after pictures. I take dibs VERY serious-you WILL have first right of refusal. Has points and condensor-I know who cares! $55 including CON USA shipping NO Canada- with tracking. CALL 925-322-3424 in Amherst MASS. Tuesday -Friday I am asleep 4pm-midnight -should be asleep right now--Good night!

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I do NOT have a first buyer for this part!!!! When the FIRST CALLER calls me and  we talk about it and caller sounds serious then I will have an interested buyer/first dibs. ONLY when payment arrives to me will the item no longer be available. When you type below any of my threads how do I know you are not typing from Nigeria?????? If this site was run by me I would delete EVERY ad that has no location!!! Every site I visit has the rule "include your location" almost no one ever bothers. When I see an ad driving distance from my home that interests me I jump on it. When I see an ad that says "down by the river" for location I figure someone in jail has internet access! In a perfect world 99% of all my sales would be local pick up. NOT realistic naturally--but I still hope!!! 925-322-3424. I ONLY sell to adult CALLERS!!!!

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You are correct! But I have never had a bad review on ANY site I have advertized on and no one has ever asked for their money back. I see complaints regularly on these sites of misrepresented items, sellers that are never reachable after money sent MONTHS later, items packaged so poorly the product is falling out broken from the box, and sellers who just don't care the the buyer is unhappy! I have had more than one transaction (without pictures involved) evaluated as (item better than described in detail by PHONE)!!!! When I ship an item VERY soon after payment I call the buyer EVERY time from the shipping location and tell the buyer ( or leave a message) stating approx. arrival day, tracking number, and I thank buyer for their business. I sometimes request the buyer even CALL me or E-mail me when it arrives to let me know it has arrived safely and that they are happy!!!! Yes---you are correct I am an asshole!!! And I will continue being an asshole making my customers happy!!! P.S. Thank for your comment AND for helping keep my ad current!!! Happy motoring!!!

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