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New To The 02 Need A Frame Rail


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Hello there everybody. Just bought a 75 2002 a week or so ago and decided what with the timing cover leaking and some rust on the drivers side frame rail that i would just go ahead and pull the engine and fix what needed to be fixed. Upon doing this i find that the frame rail has been fixed once before with a new boxed section placed over the old one with the old one still rusting. So if i cant fix it with some good sized patches i was wondering where do i go to get a new or used frame rail. This is a lot of work i know but damn it i want to never have to worry about it again (or at leastfor a long while).

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There's this new guy, malcolm, on the board who has been advertizing their business.




I can't say anything about their products but shop and tools and their project sure look nice





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