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Replacing Starter


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There is a great number of modern used starters that work very well (and cheap).

I'm sure another member will send you a list. I used to have that list but have misplaced it.

I opted to have my original rebuilt. It spins the engine nicely now and is in keeping with the stock tii I've been coveting.

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 I'm a leave-it-stock kinda guy.  That way I know how to take it out and, more importantly, put it back in exactly as it came out.  No rewiring mods to even think about, no brackets that go unused or brackets that need to be modded, and all those other "problems" that sorely afflict my leave-it-stock mentality.  Not to mention that if/when I have problems, they are addressed from an OEM perspective.





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another vote for "don't fix wat aint broke".  The original 02 starter works quite well enough as long as it's in decent condition.  If not, it can be rebuilt.


Now if your current OE starter is giving you trouble (and you're really sure whatever problem is directly related to that starter) then and only then can you consider something different.  I once had an E12 starter sitting about, and put it in my '72 tii.  It spun a little faster on startup, but so what?  The car started just fine with the OE starter.


Here's where the rubber may hit the road for you:  Mods introduce the opportunity for trouble, and when you're chasing some particularly cantankerous problem, the last thing you need is another suspect in the lineup.

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Not really any "modding", the orig starter uses an additional bracket that is not needed with the M3 starter (as Dabliz said). The biggest PITA for me was removing the old one. The M3 is smaller and goes in easier.


As for returning it to original; keep the bracket and starter (or new orig starter if yours is toast) and replace the M3 starter. VERY simple.

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Garry, I believe I did the Bosch  SR441X, and probably got it from Blunt (http://www.blunttech.com/home.wws). You can also call and talk to either Steve or Brandon and they can help you decide what to get (and free ice cream?). I have heard a few others fit and some might have even more torque. Mine starts right up and the weight is considerably less (well, 6-8 lbs, not like an AC or smog equipment).

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How much modification was involved?  From your comment I trust the mods can't be undone?

You will enjoy the way the smaller, lighter starter spins the engine to help your tii start quicker.


I did not have to change anything in my 73 to use this starter.


I got my SR440X from BLUNT for the 73tii in April 2010 and will most likely put another one in the 69.




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