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5 Speed Convervion


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A few months ago with a whining transmission I started looking at the 5 speed options. I sourced the kit and transmission from Dave at Aardvark, and a new stainless exhaust from Ireland Engineering. 


I want to say that both suppliers were absolutely excellent, and the results are fabulous. I had read that if you drive a lot on the highway, that is where you will notice it, that is only partially true The lower rpm's while driving through the city and the tight linkages make driving a much more pleasant experience. 


I want to add that a new balanced and weighted drive shaft have also seemingly knocked away all of the vibrations. For anyone thinking of making this switch, and it in not cheap, it truly seems very worthwhile.


My car is a 74 2002


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Don't use a slip yoke- they are much more prone to vibration in a 2002.  I have learned this the hard way.


And a 5-speed's not a particularly expensive proposition if you frequent the self- service yards.


I DO recommend a 3.91 diff out of the later 320- it's a nice 'range split' that keeps the revs

up just enough on the freeway in 5th.  Jenn's car has a 3.64, and it's less versatile...


Yup, they're great.



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