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Driveshaft Notchy On One Axis


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Pulled my driveshaft today as I can see light through the center bearing rubber and I am replacing the bearing.


Got the driveshaft marked and ready to pop the 24mm nut and tested the shaft.  All the bearing are smooth except one that connects to the differential.


It is notchy dead center and nowhere else, was thinking I could rotate the bearing 180 degrees but that doesnt work.


I since three out of four seem fine, what is my downside?  


There is a driveshaft specialist shop in San Antonio but guessing all would need to be replaced and the shaft rebalanced.


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I know I should.... I could hear CD saying to replace them all in the back of my mind...


Took me 20 minutes to drop the shaft, will have to wait till Santa brings me one... :)


Thank you all for an amazingly supportive board.  I could not do this without all of you!

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