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Help Identifying Suspension/brake Parts


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Hello Gentlemen, 

First thread here, but I've been lurking for a bit. I've purchased a 1969 2002 that was setup to run in SCCA ITB race class. Its been sitting for quite a few years and is in desperate need of some attention. My plan is to replace/rebuild all of the hydraulics and suspension first and progressively bring it back into a street worthy state. 

First order of business - identifying what's been modded. I could use some help identifying the front calipers. I'm assuming because they're marked ATE and don't look to be of any considerable size, they're probably a stock spec aftermarket caliper. Can anyone confirm? They're marked 157 R




It looks to also have Dinan sway bars. I cant find any info on these things. I'll likely be sending an email to Dinan to request info, but thought I'd try here as well. Anyone know if bushings are still available for these? 




And a long shot here...Anyone ID these springs? 




Finally a couple photos of the car for those interested. I'm curious if anyone recognizes it and can tell me who the original owner was or who set the car up. 









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brakes are stock....would have to be if car was legal to race in ITB.


sway bar looks to mount in stock locations.  measure the thickness, bushings readily available.  nothing special there.


been a long time since that car raced...that cage has not been legal for a many, many years.  

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