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Ignition Woes


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Went down to get my newly purchased 1974 2002tii this weekend. She fired up and ran pretty darn well. My plan was to do a basic tune up this saturday. Here's what I did:


New ignition points

New condensor

New dist. rotor

New dist. cap

New spark plugs

New fuel filter (Mann WK613)


Went to fire her up and she wouldn't start....


I pulled the #1 plug laid it against the block and turned the car. It sparked just fine... Must be a fuel issues. And yes, the filter was installed right side up.


I put the old filter back on it (the old filter was a Mahle that was visibley smaller than the Mann I bought from Bavauto)


I primed the fuel system and the car fired right up. It ran so smoothly. Absolute night and day with the ignition parts replacement.


I then gave her a little gas and I heard what I can best describe as a loud hissing sound and then the car died. I won't start now. I can't figure out what happened. Did the different size filter mess up the pressure in the fuel system. Might my fuel pump be on the fritz and messing with things did it in?


I searched fuel filter issues and I didn't find much. I'm stuck with this right now. Does anyone have any suggestions with this?

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I've used that Mann filter on my tii before, and it worked fine.  Get a copy of the injection pump manual from the tii register (www.2002tii.org) and run through the tests for fuel pressure and quantity.


More likely has to do with the new ignition parts. 

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I know I need to re time the car. That's what I was planning to do after the little work day I had. But if it's really that bad, then why did it fire right up, idle just fine for ~1 minute, and then die when I applied the throttle and now won't start? Intuition kind of tells me this is a fuel delivery issue, not timing. I'll do some fuel tests as stated above in the mean time. But if that still sounds like a timing issue to you guys, can you explain to me how timing was pretty close at first, and now completely off when all I did was hit the accelerator?

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It has been said that 90% of fuel issues are electrical......It is unlikely the new fuel filter caused the no start, and all the work you did was electrical. Perhaps a wire is loose and you bumped it while replacing the filter the second time. Then engine vibration on revving knocked it loose again. Can you blow through the new fuel filter? If so, it was not blocked.


Loud hissing? Check and see if all four spark plugs still in the head--hard to know what that would have been, I say check the plugs because it sounds like compression escaping. Or maybe some electrical noise--inspection will tell. I'd take a look at the wiring harness. And there can always be multiple issues, perhaps the problem is unrelated to the work you just did, or related in the sense that something was disturbed (perhaps wiring) by you being in the engine bay.


Best of luck, Fred '69 & '74tii

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