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Help...what Did I Just Buy?

Guest Sutrusu

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Guest Sutrusu

Whilst getting some new headers put on my mk1 gti at a local muffler shop I spotted this beast lurking at the back of the shops yard! I instantly fell in love with it so I asked the owner of the shop if it was for sale. 2 hrs later and the car is mine! I don't really know anything about these cars so I'm looking for some expert knowledge...I hope I can find it here. The car has a 2002 ti badge (1973) but a friend of mine told me the 2002 ti never made it to the US...is this true? To check I tried to decode the VIN but I didn't get anywhere with that! The VIN is 25688876. Any help to understand what I just purchased would be most appreciated.


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Nice looking car...doesn't look like a factory color from the photo, but it might be Golf (a kind of chartruese).  If you look just above the VIN plate in the engine compartment there should be a sticker with the paint name on it--like Sahara, Polaris, Malaga etc.  And by your VIN the car was probably assembled in Jan or Feb 73.   An e-mail to BMW Classic will give you the exact assembly date and original color. 


Definitely not stock wheels; same for the fender flares and rear muffler.  You need to check your wheel bearings, as those wide wheels with lots of outside offset will put extra stress on the wheel bearings. 


Lotsa good information on this message board and we always welcome new owners.   Where are you located?  Chances are there are other 02 owners nearby who are willing to help you with your car.


Welcome to the fraternity/sorority.



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Guest Sutrusu

Thanks for all the replies. More pics of the car will be uploaded tomorrow morning. I haven't gone through the car yet but it does have a rather nice set of old recaro seats.

@Mike, the car is in Michigan.

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Interesting car.   You have some issues that need to be addressed. I'd get the car up on jack stands and look around underneath before doing anything.  Pressure wash the engine bay and underneath if possible.


1) Facet electric fuel pump mounted on DS fenderwell. Not used anymore. PO broke the plastic fuse box cover to add power wire. I'd inspect the wiring of this car closely.

2) PO added in-tank 3-series electric fuel pump (good!) with metal fuel filter and regulator up front.  Need to change those old fuel lines at the Weber carbs.

3) Missing hose clamps on the radiator hoses.

4) Disconnected water temp and possibly oil pressure switches. See # 1.

5) Missing intake manifold nut at water neck.

6) Electric cooling fan replaces stock engine fan.  Make sure it works.

7) Battery still has the original plastic shipping wrapper on it. Someone must have been in a hurry.

8) Nice E21 steering wheel and Recaro front seats.

9) Wonder what muffler that is.

10) Every other spark plug wire is different.  Hmm.

11) Need a heat shield for the plug wires.

12) Looks like an overdrive 5 speed transmission has been installed. PO even modified the dash shift pattern.

13) Missing dust caps for the front strut bearings.

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