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Looking For Help From Wiring Gurus


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hi guys,
it's been a while since i've visited this forum since i no longer have the 02 but this community has always been very helpful to me in the past so i come here looking for help one more time. 


i am looking for someone who is really good at reading wiring diagrams to make sure i'm understanding/deciphering some diagrams correctly.  if you'd be willing to help, can you email me please at craaaazzy at gmail.  thanks.

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so here's the GSL-SE EM. the items highlighter are where i would pull the wires for the 12v Ignition, Clutch Switch (although it's been told to me i could just ground this and not have to use the clutch to start the car), and Neutral Switch:


here's the wiring for the MAP, since i do not have the F harness of the REW, I could simply get the 2 wires from the EM harness and G/Y would go to pin 1O on the PowerFC:


the one that's confusing to me at the moment is the CAS. reading the instructions on installing a PowerFC into an FC, the FC CAS "G" wire is the G+ signal while "R" is the NE+ signal. but looking at the pinout for the FC ECU, it looks like it should be the "L" and "W" wires. here's the pic (background is the REW CAS wiring, middle is the FC CAS wiring, and foreground is the FC CAS pinout on the ECU):


and here's another section from the PowerFC into an FC guide that also adds to my confusion:

"Remember, on the CAS side, the red and the green wires are signal wires, where as the two

black wires are ground. On the harness side, the colour will change! Now we need to look at the

black white wire (the should join the red, green on the CAS wiring) and not for the red green, at the

red green on the loom side is connected to the ground (the two black wires on the CAS)."

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It's more a matter of knowing what you are wiring up.  These are inductive sensors (as opposed to hall effect sensors) and provide a sinesoidal signal..  On the view on the left the signal ground is a common lead, while the rthand view the grounds are separate.  Internal at the ECU the signal grounds are usually common.  The +/- polarity is important or the wave form will be reversed and the ECU will not interpret the signal.  Usually the ECU wants to see the signal crossing zero going low.  Determine the polarity of the sensor leads and send the + side (signal) to the ECU and gound the - side to a signal ground point.

The view on the left also shows a noise shield grounded.  Ground the shield only on one end of the shield or if it has a shield ground lead set up, ground that and don't worry about which end of the shield it is connected to.

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