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Ie Sway Bar Question

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all depends on driving style, what springs you have, what shocks you have, what tires you have,kind of road, what handling characteristics the car is displaying, etc.   there is no "right" setting.


for a basically stock street car, i would have both front and rear on the softest setting (closest to the end).

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It completely depends on what you're trying to achieve.  I have my front set on the softer option, and the rear about 2in in.  I find that this gives me as close to neutral handling as it's going to get.  


Just remember that having a stiffer front relative to the back will tend towards understeer, and having a stiffer rear will give you more oversteer.  The further you position the clamps towards the front of the car on the rear bar, the stiffer it will be.  Play with the balance, and see what you like.



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I.e advised that when the front bar is at the stiffest setting, it is best to have the rear linkage 90 degrees to the bar when the suspension is loaded.  This should give a neutral or slight under-steer.  I confirmed that this was the case when I overcooked a downhill off camber decreasing radius right turn and went into a nice soft controlled under-steer... and then off the track safely.  Actually, that was probably more me just overcooking a difficult turn... but never did I experience overseer unless it was intended with my right foot. 

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