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Giving Up On My Solex 2Bbl And Going Weber


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1972 2002 with 2bbl Solex 32/32 DIDTA


The Solex ship has sailed, or as Lennon said on Revolver: "This bird has flown"


The problem: She's got lots of power on acceleration, but it bucks when I try to maintain speed, or take my foot off the gas. 


I did everything I could; replaced every single gasket and diaphragm in the Solex, and every other thing short of a rebuild (new vacuum hoses everywhere, new fuel pump, points, plugs, condenser, cap, rotor, wires, fuel filter, timed it, etc, etc.. Even found working anti-smog parts and replaced them! No difference at all!: she's got lots of power on acceleration, but it bucks when I try to maintain speed, or take my foot off the gas.


After I threw in the towel, I took the car to my mechanic ( a 2002 / Brit car guy ), and he too couldn't get it to run right.  He, like most of you all, said "Go Weber, young man."  Old man, actually.  So, I bit the bullet and called Ireland Engineering and ordered a Weber 32/36 w/elec choke, jetted per CDiesel's recommendations. Also, because my dizzy (Bosch 0 231 180 008 JFUD4, mech adv / vac retard?) is suspect (apparently, it came out of an automatic), I also ordered IE's tii distributor. The parts should be here on Tuesday. Soon as she's back up and running with the new carb and dizzy, I'll give you a report.  Anything I should be aware of before I install the new carb and diz? Any potential pitfalls, or special adjustments?




ps: I just got back from a local Wednesday night show at Bear Mountain, NY, and damn! did she look good! Now, if I can only get her to run as good as she looks, I'll be happier'n heck...

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The 008 JFUD4 distributor was stock on the '74 manual US. it is listed a few places as only coming on the automatics but I have seen quite a few stock '74's and they all had that distributor.  After I desmogged mine I ran it with the vac retard disconnected for awhile and it ran pretty well, it had a crazy amount of mechanical advance so you had to kind of tweak the timing after you set it.

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You're much more patient with that Solex than I.  Mine went bye-bye about 1980 when I couldn't get the fast idle portion of the choke to function, so it would stall constantly when cold.  The teeth on the fast idle cam were worn, and that part wasn't available separately.  When I found that a whole new Weber carb was $10 more than a replacement Solex choke assembly, it was a no brainer decision!


Got a manual choke, too!



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Good news!  So long Solex 2bbl, hello Weber 32/36!!!  And I ain't looking back!

I just picked up my car with new Weber and IE dizzy. In a word: AWESOME!!!!  Great acceleration, runs so smooth, I can't believe it's the same car. Highly recommended. I had the good folks at Ireland Engineering set the carb up using C.D.Iesel's formula. Running a wee bit rich right now, but it's simply incredible!!!

I'm very happy!











CD's Weber 'formula":

(you have to scroll down a bit after you click on the link)


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