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Removing Linkage


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The photo below shows all the pieces that hold the shifter secure to the shift surround. The c-clip split ring in the middle of the photo is what you need to free up before the shifter will drop out.




Obviously, you need to either unscrew the shift knob or just pull it off depending which model you have. Remove the boot and look down in the area surrounding the shifter. You should see the c-clip/split ring with two small holes.


You need some C-Clip pliers to get into the two holes on the c-clip, squeeze it and it will pop up.




The other way is to disconnect it under the car. There are a couple of versions of shifters, A photo would help.


This is one version. Unscrew the set screw then tap out the pin.




The other way on this type of linkage is to prise off the safety band, it is springy, be careful, and punch out the pin that connects the selector rod and the shifter rod.






You may need to re-bush everything as it goes back in. The shift linkage had these worn out "top hat" bushes.



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Unless your 2002 has spent its entire life in a Class 1 cleanroom, the underside of your car isn't going to look anything like the photo in BillWilliams' post.  If I didn't know better, I'd guess that was a colorized shop drawing rather than a photograph of a drive shaft, lower shift linkage and shifter platform.  Even the socket extension, universal and socket are polished to a concourse finish.


In related news, if you're considering entering your car into a concourse event, this is what you're up against.  Best of luck.

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Senator Williams, I'll never have the talent, patience, or knowledge necessary to give you a hard time ;-)


In all seriousness, is the photo above from the original installation of the shifter into a freshly painted shell, or did you actually get everything that clean and tidy on an operational car?


In slightly less seriousness, whose chrome polishing compound do you use on your tools?

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ok i had already found the c-clip and undid it. It still wouldn't come out. I did see the set pin and thought that it might be culprit.


So i undo the set pin then tap out the silver colored pin the goes across is that correct?


And thanks to all for the help this is really a great forum!!!!!



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If you have the same linkage as in my photo, the bushes 23411466120, go through the hole in the shifter itself. Those keep all that tight down there. I was unclear and confusing on my above post where they went.


You can see them in TRANSMISSION 23/16 in the REALOEM parts site. Or just plug in the part number in the part number search of REALOEM

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Robotin, I believe all of the bushes for the shifter go above the shifter platform, is that how you are doing it?


Order - Shifter platform, ball cup, ball on shifter, ball cup, then all the washers and clips?


Maybe you should start another thread so we do not get mixed up who is having what issue?

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