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Starter Wiring


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got my new starter in, but now im having trouble getting it wired. the problem is that no matter how i wire it, it either doesnt turn at all, or starts turning when my key hits the accessory setting, and the only way to get it to stop turning is to turn it back off, which kills the engine.


2013 08 18 15.58.54 copy


i have two cables: one comes from the dash, and splits into the manifold and the carb


2013 08 18 16.11.11



and one leads into the larger loom and then the positive terminal of the battery (this is NOT the main power cable, which comes directly from the positive terminal and connects to a post on the starter with a nut)


2013 08 18 16.11.27 copy



if anyone knows exactly how to wire this, i would be grateful!

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Never mind, Im an idiot!


Turns out my auto lever wasnt pushed allllllll the way forward, and thats why it wasnt spinning the starter. turns out the wire that connects to the carb and manifold doesnt even go to the sstarter (which should have been obvious, since it goes to accessory)

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